Working After Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Jobseekers who are also stay-at-home moms and who have dedicated themselves to raising their children may encounter numerous challenges when attempting to reenter the workforce.

Unfortunately, certain employers may unknowingly exhibit bias toward these individuals due to their perceived “résumé gaps.” Some employers may inadvertently discriminate against parents who have taken time off to care for their children because of their perceived “résumé gaps.”

Don’t let internal obstacles hold you back! Whether it’s feeling guilty about leaving your children or suffering from imposter syndrome, it’s time to conquer those fears and dive back into the professional world after years away.

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To help stay-at-home moms looking to return to work break through these barriers here are some tips below.

Hopefully, these ideas will offer you a confident transition back into a full-time career, no matter how long you’ve been out of the game.

1. Focus on skills you already have.

Keep in mind that the assets and core skills you possessed before are still applicable in the current market. Highlight your ability to learn and multitask, as well as your improved time-management skills. Inform employers of your dedication and strong focus on completing tasks due to your commitments at home. Consider the added value you bring to the table as a result of this new capability.

2. Be aware of the skills you possess.

Reentering the workforce can be challenging, so it is important to understand your reasons for returning to full-time employment and the skills you bring to the table. This clarity led to an opportunity for a job interview.

3. Fill experience gaps while at home.

Don’t let a gap in your résumé hold you back! Stay-at-home moms, showcase your amazing skills in project management, multitasking, and time management gained from your valuable time at home. Employers will be impressed.

4. Recognize your period away from work.

Regardless of personal opinions, some job seekers and applicant tracking systems may view a career gap negatively, even if it was spent raising a family. One strategy to address this is to include the experience and assign yourself a title, such as “Head of Household,” “Chief Mom Officer,” or simply stating “Career Break,” and then providing some information about your activities during that period. LinkedIn offers a “Career Break” option that simplifies the process.

5. Connect your remote work to your future job.

Stay-at-home moms face a major hurdle when they decide to reenter the workforce and their employment gap: themselves. The work they performed at home was intricate, challenging, and invaluable. Yet, unfortunately, these roles often go unrecognized and undervalued. Consider the seamless connections between your past home endeavors and the exciting obstacles awaiting you in your new professional venture. Embrace this new chapter in your journey and step into the spotlight with unwavering confidence.

6. Create success stories.

Stay-at-home moms be they full-time moms, or part-time face daunting challenges when trying to reenter the workforce, battling with insufficient preparation and a crisis of confidence. But fear not! A career coach can empower clients by helping them craft compelling top-accomplishment stories that will elevate their résumés and make their social media profiles shine. A value-packed résumé is a powerful boost of self-assurance! Raising the future workforce is the ultimate triumph of a devoted stay-at-home parent.

7. Practice sticking to a schedule.

One of the challenges of working remotely is the need to overcome the temptation of procrastination and establish a structured routine to ensure productivity as well as establish a work-life balance. It is recommended to practice this for at least a month before reentering the workforce even if it will be part-time, or flexible work hours. This could involve tasks such as waking up punctually, dressing appropriately for work, or organizing one’s home and life.

8. Encourage your kids to be independent.

Moms, the unsung heroes of stay-at-home or work-from-home locations, may unknowingly become slightly myopic when it comes to their little ones due to their unwavering commitment to parenting, which has understandably intensified during these unprecedented times. Moms be warned! You may think you’re the decision-making kings and queens of your children’s lives, but sometimes you’re just fooling yourselves. It’s time to take a step back and realize that your child is growing up and becoming a person. Embrace this newfound independence and empower them, while also finding your way back into the work world. As a job seeker, it’s a delicate balance, but you’ve got this! You surely still have the soft skills, relevant skills, and valuable skills to offer.

9. Seek input from others.

Whether returning to full-time work and office life or even other remote work options, after a break can be challenging due to various factors such as confidence, skill development, appropriate attire, and professional behavior. Seeking advice and guidance from others can help navigate these challenges. It is important to maintain a balanced perspective and not place too much importance on personal transitions. All individuals are continuously evolving and in the unpredictable journey of life, failure may not be the sought-after destination, but amidst its unwelcome arrival. Yes, there lies a hidden treasure trove of invaluable lessons waiting to be discovered by working with future employers.

10. Stay engaged in professional settings.

Stay-at-home moms need to stay connected and engaged by actively participating in professional communities, like LinkedIn and industry associations during gaps in employment. Consider volunteering or taking on a part-time role to stay relevant and up-to-date in your field. By strategically addressing the “resume gap,” you’re showcasing your resilience and undeniable skills that are sure to captivate any employer during those job searches and the overall job search process.

11. Ask for recommendations for childcare providers.

Finding trustworthy childcare during those child-rearing years is a major challenge for single parents looking to return to work. Stay-at-home moms possess a range of transferable skills that can greatly benefit them when reentering the workforce. Reaching out to the community, whether it is on Facebook or other referral-based platforms, can be a helpful way to find reputable referrals.

12. Don’t set unrealistic standards for yourself.

Juggling the demanding role of a stay-at-home mom while taking on new responsibilities can be a challenge. One of the biggest hurdles is the high standards we set for ourselves. However, sometimes it’s necessary to reframe and even lower those standards, whether it’s in packing lunchboxes or making family dinners. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to have some extra household help! Often, reframing (and lowering) those standards around everything from packing lunchboxes to making family dinners is necessary unless extra household help can be obtained.

13. Don’t include employment dates on your résumé.

Moms who have taken a career break to raise children face an uphill battle in being acknowledged for their valuable and applicable skills in the professional world. But don’t be fooled! These super-moms are primed and ready to make an immediate impact with the expertise gained from their unpaid domains. Stand out from the crowd by ditching those boring dates on your résumé! Showcase your experience by highlighting the impressive number of years you’ve rocked the professional world.

14. Reduce the stress of commuting.

Commuting can be a significant source of stress for stay-at-home moms returning to work. It is important to focus on the stressors that can be controlled and avoid dwelling on Take a breath and start searching via staffing agencies, and other places where you can find job openings. While it may be a difficult transition, you’ll surely succeed and once again be a success at whatever company, organization, or group you land.

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