Having trouble identifying top talent for your company?

We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 CEO with 1,000 employees or you own a mid-size business downtown, time is valuable, and hunting for the best talent can be time consuming.

If putting up ads on Indeed, fishing on LinkedIn, or hoping for the best on CL, has you exasperated, you need to hire a recruiter, strategic staffing expert, or talent placement team to find the best of the best.

The experts at Search Masters NY can determine who would be the best candidate to help ease your hiring pain, attract more clients, and get a better ROI by finding only the top candidates to fill open positions.

Search Masters NY vets all candidates and does all the legwork from start to finish during the recruitment, strategic staffing, and talent placement process so you don’t have to.

Search Masters NY consultants specialize in mid-to-senior level positions in a wide range of industries including professional services, real estate, construction, technology, and emerging businesses. Search Masters NY consultants’ specific expertise includes accounting, finance, audit, tax, and all levels of real estate and construction operations professionals.

Search Masters NY’s innovative AI-driven recruitment process gives us our advantage. From the initial job order consultation to the onboarding process of your new hire, our process can be your secret weapon.

Let our experts find your company’s next great hire.

Extensive Database

If it’s an entry-level position in marketing that your business needs ASAP or a senior partner to bring into your bustling CPA firm during tax time, Search Masters NY is an expert in recruiting the crème of the crop.

We have a database of top candidates from all geographic locations, along with special verticals including Real Estate and Construction (project managers, directors, property 4. managers, commercial and residential), CPA firms, Legal (paralegals, associates, and Of Counsel), Diverse Industries (professional services, tech, financial services), Middle Market companies that need a Controller or someone in Finance, Accounting, or Tax (high net worth and multi-generational wealth tax managers), 

Recruiting is no easy task, but Search Masters NY has its methods and ways of finding and recruiting top candidates so you can continue to grow your business to the highest level without worrying about hiring.

At Search Masters NY, it’s our mission to align you and your company with the top candidates available and who are serious about their professions as well as giving their all to their job and employer.

Search Masters NY has helped employers from many industries over the years and excels in finding and recruiting top candidates.