Attract More Qualified Candidates Online and How to Sort Them Out

A business, organization, or corporation must hire the ideal candidate (s) to make it a success.

Need assistance? A good recruiter can help you identify the perfect candidate for each open position you may have.

Before You Begin

You’ll need to think about what skill sets work well together and make sure you’re pairing up compatible candidates. Sometimes, two people who aren’t necessarily a great fit may complement one another perfectly.

Even hiring managers, and recruiters struggle to understand how best to engage potential employees, while simultaneously trying to streamline their hiring processes so they can identify the right people for the jobs through the wide talent pool out there.

Starting Line

If you want to develop your talent pipeline, you must first identify which type of job candidates you’re looking to hire. Then, you should consider online recruitment efforts, including creating a detailed job ad and/or placing it on websites where potential employees can view it.

Also, using both online and offline recruitment techniques, as well as search engines to encourage current employees and internal candidates to make new employee referrals can be born to getting new employees.


Recruiting is the act of finding people who want to join your company. It involves engaging with a wide range of potential employees through various means, including creating an employer brand strategy.

Only 36% of the workforce is actively searching for a new position at any given moment, according to reports. However, an overwhelming 80% are willing to chat and hear about opportunities. Recruiters attract a large group of passive job hunters who wouldn’t know about your company or openings without recruitment efforts, like social media advertising. This is part of the HR strategy to find qualified candidates when putting out job listings.

A recruitment agency, and/or a recruiting firm, can benefit greatly from looking at social networking sites. A recent survey found that 62% of recruiters say they’d rather hire someone who has a good social network profile than someone without one. But how do you find them? You can begin by posting job openings on LinkedIn, then reaching out to people within your industry who might know someone who could help.

Once you get connected, ask them about their connections – perhaps they know someone who is looking for a job. Or maybe they’ve heard of another person who may be interested in working at your business.

Work with a Hiring or HR Manager

Another thing you should do during the recruitment process is to stay in touch with the hiring manager throughout the recruiting process.

If you have your HR department, you should be aligned with it early on and often so that they know exactly who you’re looking for. This is one of the best ways to find qualified candidates.

Here are some tips to increase the overall effectiveness of communications:

Engaging Candidates

If you hire people early, they’ll be engaged with your company before starting their jobs. They’ll feel like they’re part of a bigger thing than themselves. And if you don’t hire them, at least you’ve established a rapport with them.

If you’re not actively building an engaging hiring journey, you risk missing out on future opportunities by failing to engage candidates who express interest. It’s important to stay engaged with them so you don’t lose out on future opportunities or at least have the hiring manager do this.

As an employee, you must create an excellent user experience so that people who interact with you in the first instance continue to come back for more. Ensure they are stored correctly so you can find them again.

Keep on top of the situation; according to research, 80% of people who applied for jobs would be discouraged by employers not responding to their application within 2 weeks. Yet, these applicants are 3.5 times more likely to reapply if they receive an automated rejection message.


Online Options

Online is an excellent place to find candidates through the various candidate pools, job boards, etc. It’s a good place to start looking for top candidates or via a recruitment agency or recruitment firm.

Speaking of recruiters many use offline recruitment methods to get high-quality candidates such as cold calling, networking events, and referrals. They simply don’t just rely on hundreds of resumes floating around out there or via paper applications.

Keep in mind that online channels help improve brand awareness and outreach, but face-to-face interactions are an effective way to recruit new hires. Again, employer branding is an important part of the entire hiring process and attracting top talent for employment opportunities. Employer branding includes reaching out to qualified job seekers via social media, LinkedIn, and other channels.

Finding the Best

How do you hire employees who match your company’s culture? First, take an honest assessment of your current workforce. Where are they coming from? Who are they? What kind of work environment do they come from? Does your hiring process reflect these values? Can you afford to ignore them?

If you haven’t already tried it on your own, you might want to consider outreaching out to potential hires or asking your staff.

Outreaching examples include basic tips that can help your job search. For example, think about how to improve your outreach by using email so it can better suit your targeted audience. Focus on what matters to potential candidates, rather than just trying to sell your company.

Here are some general tips for ensuring you aren’t wasting time:

Get Busy

Overall, when it comes to looking for new employees to help your business grow and succeed, remember you’re probably competing against other companies for top-notch employees.

You’ll have to be more strategic when hunting for new candidates and look outside your company to get the best people available.

While you can look for them on your own or with the help of a hiring manager or HR department, (if you have one,) sometimes it’s more efficient to hire a professional recruiter or recruitment agency.

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