Case Study


How a pre-IPO Tech Company shortened hiring cycles by 75%.

A nationally recognized tech company with 800+ employees throughout the country experiencing exponential growth was having difficulty identifying qualified talent for their Accounting and Finance teams. After engaging Search Masters NY, their feedback included praising the efficiency and responsiveness of our process, including substantially reducing resumes for review to thoroughly vetting every candidate presented.  This led to an average of 1 hire per 3 candidates interviewed, saving unmeasurable time and resources during this critical growth period.

Search Masters NY’s AI-powered hiring process helped us to quickly present top, diverse candidates with the best technical expertise, and skillsets.

Key positions staffed included:

Title                                                      Location        

Director FP&A                                           VA

Sr. Financial Analyst                                MA

Financial Analyst                                      PA

Corporate Tax Manager                           NY

Assistant Corporate Controller               PA

Revenue Accounting Manager                MA

Sr. Revenue Accountant                           MA

Revenue Accountant                                 NY

Staff Accountant                                        MA

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