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The holiday season is here.

Yes, ’tis the season to celebrate, spread the holiday cheer, and unwind, as we joyfully escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulge in some well-deserved merriment with our teammates.

But keep in mind there’s more to celebrating with teammates than showing off your charades skills or a high-tech corporate scavenger hunt. Maybe you’re tired of events and parties or team-building activities like tables with art supplies or short-minute activity games.

Establishing a strong working culture now will aid in attracting and hiring exceptional talent, or fun competition in the future, and it’s not solely about the party.

However, generating ideas, planning a scavenger hunt,  and other icebreaker activities for workplace holiday celebrations can be more challenging than it appears.

Add in the there’s a mix of religious and secular celebrations during this period, and it’s easy to find yourself in the weird territory.

To help managers, leadership teams and HR pros navigate the holiday season while keeping it as fresh and inclusive as possible, here are some out-of-the-box ideas to help your next holiday party and celebrate the holiday spirit.

Holiday Ideas for Work: Ground Rules for Keeping it Inclusive

Before we jump into the list of workplace celebration ideas, do set some simple ground rules to make sure none of the team members feels like the wallflower at the next office party.

It is important to recognize that religious and cultural celebrations occur throughout the year, not just in December. By acknowledging and including these holidays, employees from diverse backgrounds will feel more included, and overall the events will give employees a fantastic team bonding experience.

Don’t get stuck in the mandatory holiday party trap! Break free from the virtual and in-person events and reclaim your festive freedom with lots of laughter and major team bonding. Employees — be they remote employees or those who work in the office — have a myriad of reasons for not being able to attend an event, particularly if it’s after work hours.

Let’s give our hardworking team members  the employee appreciation they deserve and the freedom to choose without any worries of being unfairly judged as “not a team player.”

Select favorite fun icebreakers, Happy Hour icebreakers, holiday-themed icebreaker games, simple icebreaker quiz games, and other mindfulness icebreaker activities that appeal to all parties involved. When selecting icebreaker games and activities, it is important to consider the cultural and religious diversity of your team and ensure that they are inclusive to everyone. With some creativity, you can choose activities that everyone can feel comfortable participating in.

Get festive from afar and don’t be afraid to share virtual holiday party ideas.

Given that some team members may have vulnerable family members at home, taking your holiday celebrations virtually is a fantastic way to ensure everyone can join in the fun. But if you’re all about that in-person shindig, don’t forget to follow all the COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone on the team.

Pick a date that will make your event the talk of the town. Since everyone will be busy or taking time off on the actual holiday, make sure to choose a date that gives everyone plenty of time to relax and enjoy.

Here are 10 ideas for you and your employees:

#1 Consider Hosting Your Holiday Party Virtually with the Assistance of VR Technology

Who says you can’t go completely virtual with your holiday party? Why settle for boring old video conferencing tools like Zoom when you can wow your employees with an exhilarating VR holiday experience, just like Intel?

Partygoers can download the V.R. software on their personal computers, design their avatars, and mingle with co-workers using their computer’s audio all while enjoying wine, and delicious drinks and prepping meals alongside a celebrity chef ― meal kits will be sent to their homes ahead of time.

If you’re not a fully remote team, or if you’re a remote team that gets together in person at the end of the year, go ahead and switch it up.

Rather than hosting your VR party online, consider renting out a VR experience center or purchasing tickets for all team members. Following the event, the team can enjoy a meal or even some fresh ice cream (which everyone always loves) at a previously reserved restaurant. This provides an excellent opportunity to create a memorable experience without exceeding the budget.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider tools like the 100 Point Challenge which starts at just $199.

#2 Consider a fresh approach to the traditional-themed holiday party.

In December, consider changing up the usual Secret Santa tradition and adding a fresh twist to another popular workplace activity: the theme party.

This versatile option is the perfect solution for diverse teams, whether they’re collaborating virtually or in person during this festive season.

Choosing a decade as the theme for a party is a simple and inclusive option. Nowadays, there are DJs available for every era, and many of them are willing to make live virtual appearances at your online event.

Additionally, you have the option of having your team submit song nominations for the playlist, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to listen to their preferred songs. Alternatively, you could consider a ‘kara-offkey’ party, where individuals have the opportunity to sing their favorite songs.

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of a chosen decade theme and spice up your event with trivia games that will have your team buzzing with excitement. From celebrities to movies, music to news stories, watch as your team shares their answers and creates unforgettable memories.

#3 Take a Break and Prioritize Self-care for Your Team

If your team is exhausted from the mind-numbing monotony of screen time, a virtual party simply won’t cut it! Forget about organizing an in-person gathering! Time and budget constraints? No problem! Bring the team together and make time for people without breaking the bank or the clock.

To help cut down on screen fatigue and still make sure the team has a little extra time for fun times during the holiday season give employees additional paid days off and send each team member a self-care package. This is a sure way to maintain employee retention once the holidays are but a memory.

Why not take a break from the holiday party and give your team members a well-deserved stamp of approval to enjoy some much-needed rest?

#4 Consider Taking a Break from Work by Going on a Vacation

Since travel is still restricted for many, why not throw a vacation-themed party to help your employees escape to their dream destination – at least in spirit?

Poll your colleagues to find out their dream vacation spots. The location with the most votes wins. Whether it’s a tropical destination or a cooler, more adventurous spot you should have no problem finding some awesome decorations to help bring the theme to life.

Adding some local food will enhance your party’s atmosphere.

To enhance employee participation at the party, consider arranging games and contests based on your chosen destination, including questions and prizes related to its history, popular attractions, and famous individuals associated with the location.

#5 Host a Virtual Happy Hour (with gifts! )

Since the transition to remote work has affected how many companies choose to celebrate the holidays think twice.

But that doesn’t mean you should skip them altogether as celebrating together as a team is still important. Company leaders need to “be more intentional about how they communicate, what they communicate, and how company culture is facilitated throughout the organization.”

Send each team member a gift and host a virtual team happy hour with a tasty drink or two.

Everyone will have fun, plus they will get to know more about each other.

#6 Celebrate Togetherness, Through Food

Many teams do not view throwing a party in December as reflective of their working population, despite it being seen as a Christmas celebration for most people.

Why limit yourself? Dive into the kaleidoscope of endless adventures! Celebrate diversity and foster cultural pride by encouraging your employees to dress up in their traditional attire and share their favorite cultural dishes!

Studies have shown that sharing food can enhance interpersonal connections, so it is not surprising that eating together can foster team cohesion.

To spice things up, why not invite each employee to unveil a hidden gem from their cultural or religious heritage?

Ensure that your team possesses a diverse range of talents to successfully execute this task. The worst thing you can do is isolate team members from an already marginalized group, making them feel even more excluded because they are the sole contributors to a non-Christmas dish.

There’s no shortage of holiday ideas for the workplace, but which ones will make every member of your team feel included? Try these simple party ideas for diverse teams.

#7 Organize an In-person Workcation

Many HR people believe the best way to get a remote team to connect is to bring everyone together in person.

To get everyone to connect on a deeper level, plan an annual short team retreat to not only connect in person but also work together in person.

Bringing your remote team together to not only have a little fun but also swap notes face-to-face on shared projects, is crucial to nurturing team culture.

This gives them the “opportunity to share more about what is going on in their lives and also share their thoughts on the work they do both as a team and individually for the business.”

potential candidate

#8 Uplevel the Virtual Dinner Party

Revamp your workplace holiday celebration with a fresh take on the classic dinner party!

Instead of the same old Zoom feast, why not spice things up and have your team swap their treasured recipes? Then, on the big day, each person can dish out a tasty tale of their cooking adventure!

Get ready for some exciting answers, especially from those who have never dabbled in the art of culinary creation before. And hey, why not spice things up with a dash of murder mystery or a sprinkle of food trivia? Guaranteed to make your gathering an absolute blast!

To ensure inclusivity, why not gather your team’s thoughts beforehand and gauge their interest in the idea? Remember, you want them excited and willing to invest their time in creating a dish they’ll enjoy devouring.

#9 Invite a Local Celeb for a Guest Performance

This holiday idea is a perfect blend of fun and support. It’s all about ensuring your employees have an amazing time while also showcasing and uplifting local artists and talent.

Bring the ultimate entertainment to your party by selecting an incredible solo musician, band, or dance group. And if you’re throwing a virtual bash, why not livestream their mind-blowing performance for your team? You can even share step-by-step instructions on how to ‘broadcast’ the show onto their TVs, taking the excitement to a whole new level on the big screen!

For added impact, their performance could also be made a surprise.

Cameo is the ultimate solution for globally distributed teams who want to add some star power to their holiday party or reward top performers with personalized shout-outs from celebrities – all at an incredibly affordable price!

#10 Volunteer at a Local Charity Together

Regardless of how your team celebrates during this time of year, it is always a good idea to contribute and give back.

Join forces with a local charity and make a difference in the community, creating a meaningful experience for the entire team.

Don’t let physical limitations stop you. When in-person isn’t an option, get creative and donate as a team. And why stop there? Bring the charity organization to you, virtually or in person, and let them wow your team with firsthand stories of the incredible impact they’re making.

Although remote work has altered our work practices, it does not prevent individuals from enjoying themselves and making a positive impact during the holiday season.

Whichever holiday idea you choose, make sure it fosters a strong sense of belonging within your team, creating an environment where everyone feels valued, secure, and motivated to achieve even greater things in the coming year.

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