Virtual Interview Tips


Project yourself as if you're in the room with them

The idea is to project yourself as if you’re sitting across a conference room table from your interviewers.

Wear business casual attire and be sure the colors you choose are contrasting to the wall behind you. Some people feel at their best when dressed as if they are interviewing in person.

Keep camera at eye level

Be sure the camera lens you’re being viewed through is at eye level, not below you, where you are looking down at the lens. One should not be able to see the ceiling head.

To establish and maintain the impression of eye contact, look directly into the camera lens and not at the faces on your screen.

Start the conversation with, “I hope everyone can hear and see me clearly.”

No distractions in the background

It’s all right for your hands to be seen moving when you’re emphasizing a point. It shows you’re really engaged in the conversation.

The image or wall behind you should be free of anything that could be distracting to your interviewers such as family vacation or other pictures.

Smile and have fun with the interview!